Spa Services

From the moment you step inside its elegant lobby, Tikeyah Regenerative Health & Wellness Center welcomes you to experience complete relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.  Choose from an array of treatments.

Massage Services

Massage is a great way to relieve stress and pain, to reduce blood pressure and increase circulation.  Let one of our well trained therapists help you feel your best today!

Herbal Vaginal Steam

A relaxing, detoxifying spa treatment which has many benefits including cleansing and revitalizing the uterus,

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentle filling of warm filtered water into the colon to help remove undigested food, impacted waste and other toxins.


Cellular Foot Detox

A safe and relaxing way to cleanse the system, our ionized foot detox pulls toxins out through your feet.


Utilizes techniques that trigger the body’s natural ability to heal and maintain good health.


Eucalyptus Steam Room

Our eucalyptus steam room would provide a great relief for muscles and joints. The steam in the eucalyptus steam room helps to reduce the joint pain and muscle soreness. A eucalyptus steam room session helps to decrease the stress and rejuvenates the body.

Crystal & Sound Therapy

Since ancient times, crystals have been used to release physical, mental, and spiritual blockages. Crystals come from the earth, and can help you to connect to the healing energies of the planet, via a resonance between crystal and human. Our peaceful Crystal Room has beautiful